1. Introduction to thermochemical technologies for production of fuels and biobased products (10.3MB PDF)
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  2. Formation and germination of turion in the duckweed Spirodela polyrhiza (2.9MB PDF)
    Klaus Appenroth, University of Jena, Jena, Germany
  3. Use of duckweeds for physiological and genetic researches in the laboratory (16.2MB PDF)
    Tokitaka Oyama, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
  4. Using disease resistance genes to identify duckweed plants (45.5MB PDF)
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  5. Creating 'The Charms of Duckweed,' an educational website (2.5MB PDF)
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  6. Revolutionizing duckweed research with high throughput sequencing technologies (14MB PDF)
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  7. Genomics and transcriptomics of Spirodela polyrhiza (4.4MB PDF)
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  8. Chromosomal integration of the Spirodela reference genome (818k PDF)
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  9. Duckweeds: Genetic study for biofuel production (61.7MB PDF)
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  10. Phenolic compounds degradation in the rhizosphere of giant duckweed (5.4MB PDF)
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  11. Development of multifunctional vegetation bioprocess by utilizing symbiotic microorganisms in the rhizosphere (3MB PDF)
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  12. Rhizosphere microbial community of duckweed (Lemna minor) in pilot-scale wastewater treatment system (756k PDF)
    Yonggui Zhao, Chengdu Institute of Biology, CAS, Chengdu, China
  13. Wastewater treatment by duckweed and production of high starch biomass: the pilot-scale studies (2.1MB PDF)
    Yang Fang, Chengdu Institute of Biology, CAS, Chengdu, China
  14. Enhanced photosynthesis, biomass production and nutrient uptake of duckweeds by plant growth-promoting bacterium, Sinorhizobium sp. SP4 (4MB PDF)
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  15. High starch duckweed cultivation and ethanol fermentation efficiency optimization (4.7MB PDF)
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  16. Applications of duckweed: bioproducts (2.1MB PDF)
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  17. Nitrogen deficiency enhances accumulation of triacylglycerols in vegetative tissues of Lemna gibba DWC131 (3.3MB PDF)
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  18. Pathway to scale-up production of duckweed: sustainability, experience and progress (1.1MB PDF)
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  19. Commercial duckweed start-up case study: GreenSun Products, LLC (12.2MB PDF)
    Tamra Fakhoorian, International Lemna Association, Mayfield, KY, USA
  20. MamaGrande, a social company: duckweed-based, cost-effective biorefineries as an integral component of a better socioeconomic sustainable paradigm (20.5MB PDF)
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  21. Duckweed as food: nutrition value, traditional consumption and commercialization challenges (2.3MB PDF)
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